Home and Assets

We provide a wide range of coverage for homeowners, landowners and renters to help you protect your assets.

Flood Insurance

Some homeowners are required to purchase flood insurance if their home is located in a flood plain. Coverage is provided for direct physical loss by, or from, a flood to your home and personal property.

Valuable Personal Property

By scheduling valued personal property such as furs, jewelry, silver, fine art, etc., you will have coverage against loss with no deductible.

Identity Theft

If your identity is stolen, this coverage will reimburse you for preparation of documents, loan re-application fees, lost earnings due to time off work and reasonable attorney fees. With some companies, this coverage can be added to your homeowners policy.

Personal Umbrella

A personal umbrella is extra liability coverage that sits on top of your other liability insurance policies such as homeowners, auto or boat policies. If coverage on your primary policy is not enough, then the umbrella policy kicks in and covers the excess.

Homeowner Coverage

Your policy protects your home, garage, outbuildings and personal property against direct physical loss not specifically excluded on the policy. Coverage also is available for additional expenses you may incur for being temporarily displaced while repairs are being made after a loss. Coverage includes personal property, personal liability and medical payments to others.

Condominium Unit Coverage

If you own a condominium unit, we offer protection for your personal property, personal liability, medical payments to others and, in some instances, structural coverage.

Renters Insurance

This policy provides coverage of individuals renting an apartment, duplex, etc. Coverage includes personal property, personal liability and medical payment to others.

Rental Insurance

This policy provides coverage to the owner of the building that is being rented. The policy covers the building, rental income protection and landlord liability.

Farm Insurance

Farm policies cover your residence, personal property, barns and outbuildings, farm personal property, and personal and farm liability.

Recreational Vehicles

We can cover your ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft. With some companies, these can be added to your homeowners policy. Coverage provides for physical damage, liability and, in some cases, medical payments.


Property coverage including boat, motor, trailer, safety and lifesaving equipment, towering coverage for recovery of a stranded boat, comprehensive liability, and optional coverage for uninsured boater coverage. With some companies, these can be added to your homeowners policy.