Frequently Asked Questions?

Does my comprehensive deductible apply if my windshield is repaired from a stone chip?

No. The deductible applies only if the entire windshield is replaced.

Does a deductible apply to my Michigan Personal Injury Protection benefits if I'm injured in an accident?

A deductible may apply if you purchased a coordinated policy and one of the following occurs: you are on Medicare/Medicaid, your primary group health carrier is a self-funded qualifying ERISA plan, or your primary group health policy contains an auto exclusion.

Does my transportation expense cover renting a car when my car will not start?

This coverage only is applicable if you are in a covered accident and need a rental while repairs are completed.

When should I add my 16 year old to my auto policy?

Once your child has received their level 2 license he or she should be added as a driver to your policy. We do not recommend waiting until the next renewal.

What happens if I buy a car when your office is closed? Am I covered?

Your auto policy automatically provides 14 days of coverage if your current auto policy has collision coverage already on it. If your policy does not have collision coverage, you still have coverage but it is limited to four days. If a loss occurs, you will be required to pay a $500 deductible.

Why aren't my auto premiums decreasing as my car gets older?

Most claims are partial losses and not total losses and the cost to fix partial losses keep increasing. In addition, your auto policy covers you if you are injured in an accident or sued because of injuring someone else or damaging someone else’s property and the cost of those claims keep increasing.

If I only paid $100,000 for my house, why do I have to insure it for $160,000?

The cost to rebuild a home with new materials and current labor costs can be much higher than the market value of a house, which takes into account how old the house is, if the house is in a good neighborhood and other market factors not related to the actual cost to rebuild or repair the house.