Broker Compensation Disclosure

You are a valued client, and we take pride in providing you with exceptional service. As an independent insurance broker, we offer you superior service and competitive pricing by searching for and identifying the coverage from the insurer that best meets your needs.

Commission: Our firm does not charge a fee for placing your policy. We are paid a commission by the insurer that is part of, not added to, your premiums. The amount of commission earned is according to the standard commission schedule established by each insurer we work with.

Client Fees: We do not charge you any fee for the placement of your policy, and we are compensated by the insurer in the manner described generally above. However, we may charge fees, previously disclosed to you, for certain professional services not including the placement of your policy.

Scope of Services: Our firm works with a number of competing insurers, and we will attempt to obtain quotes from the insurers that we believe to be suitable based on the preferences and needs that you have communicated to us. However, we cannot obtain quotes from all insurers with products suiting your needs. We will attempt to answer any questions you may have regarding the quotes, insurers or policies that we obtain, but be aware that you make the final decision on which insurance product and coverage amount you need and will purchase.

Additional Information: For more information, specific details or answers to any questions about our services, fees or compensation, please contact us at 989.631.1920 or

Thank you for choosing us to assist you with your insurance needs. We value your trust and appreciate your business. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.